The NEW Rain-X® ClearView

The NEW Rain-X® ClearView


Canada’s #1 Windshield Wash with Water Repelling Technology* is now better than ever!

We understand that safety is important to you and your loved ones while driving, so we have been hard at work, developing an innovative windshield washer technology to better serve you. This new formula has been vigorously tested  and refined under the most extreme situations, against the top competition, including ourselves, to give you the best possible visibility through your windshield.

Feel confident in clearly viewing the road in any weather condition with NEW Rain-X® ClearView.

Formulated for improved visibility, intense cleaning and exceptional de-icing performance for windshields – to help you feel safe on the road.

Whether it’s sleet and snow removal, high water repellency, or repelling bugs, tar, tree sap and bird droppings, Rain-X® ClearView can help you outsmart the elements in any weather condition. Our strongest and safest windshield washer fluid is available in the 5 familiar skus including De-Icer, De-Icer+, All Season -45, All Season -40, and Bug & Tar Remover coming Spring 2020.