Rain-X ClearView
All-Season -40°C

Canada’s #1 windshield wash with water repelling technology* improves visibility, so you can drive with confidence.

Creating bigger water droplets for easy dispersion, repelling rain, sleet and snow.

Rain-X ClearView, because we care for your safety.

The Benefits

  • Rain-X windshield washer is formulated for improved winter visibility, providing exceptional de-icing performance that melts snow, ice and frost fast when driving in cold and freezing conditions.
  • Rain-X ClearView All-Season Windshield Washer Fluid offers effective freeze protection down to -40°C for better ice and wet snow removal in winter weather conditions while also preventing windshield refreeze. The water repelling formula melts precipitation to minimize adherence of frost, ice and snow.
  • Rain-X’s advanced windshield washer formula promotes larger water beading particles that quickly repel rain, sleet and snow improving driving visibility.
  • The washer fluid’s strong cleaning action powerfully removes road grime, dirt and salt for a streak-free and smear-free windshield.
  • The All-Season formula works against snow and ice in the winter while powering off road grime and keeping your windshield clean in the summer for greater driving visibility.
  • Rain-X ClearView All-Season Windshield Washer Fluid is ready to use and should never be diluted with water for best results. For optimal performance, empty the reservoir completely before adding the washer fluid.
  • For best results in cold temperatures, warm the windshield by letting your car run a little with the heater on, and keep the windshield heated when highway driving on very cold days.
  • Be prepared for any weather conditions and keep a jug of Rain-X ClearView All-Season Windshield Washer Fluid -40°C in your car trunk.
  • Made and developed in Canada for Canadian weather.

Rain-X ClearView is Satisfaction Guaranteed – performs as promised or we’ll refund your purchase of your Rain-X ClearView Windshield Washer Fluid. See Satisfaction Guarantee for full details.

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