Frequently Asked Questions

What is windshield washer fluid?

A key ingredient in windshield washer fluid is methanol. Methanol keeps windshield washer fluid from freezing in its reservoir, tubing, and on the windshield. Methanol also acts as a degreaser, helping to remove the oily film and grime that splashes from the road onto your windshield.

Can I use water as windshield washer fluid?

Water alone is ineffective at cleaning grease and dirt from the roads and tends to smear on windshields. In the winter, water may freeze on the windshield and impact your visibility and safety. Water with detergents or degreasers is fine for warm summer temperatures but cannot withstand the sub-zero Canadian winter climate. Rain-X® ClearView windshield washer fluids are coloured to help identify the fluid in the reservoir as windshield washer fluid and not just water.

What is the difference between windshield washer fluid formulations? Which formula is the best for me?

Most windshield washer fluids are methanol-based formulas with good cleaning action. Each fluid can differ in performance, however, thanks to special detergents, cleaning agents, and/or the proprietary technologies used in each formula.

Rain-X® ClearView windshield washer fluids include our water repelling technology that treats the windshield with water and soil repellent to help prevent windshield ice-up and streaking. The formula is designed to form water droplets that allow for easy dispersion. Both actions allow for better visibility while driving. Other features and benefits are clearly marked on all Rain-X® ClearView windshield washer fluid packaging to help determine the right wash for your needs.

Can I mix Rain-X® ClearView windshield washer fluid with water?

For best results, and to ensure the health of your vehicle’s sprayer system, it is recommended to use Rain-X® ClearView windshield washer fluid as is.

How does windshield washer fluid affect the environment?

Most Rain-X® ClearView windshield washer fluids contain methanol, a volatile organic compound (VOC). On hot summer days, VOCs can evaporate and combine with other chemicals in the air, contributing to some levels of smog. In the winter these conditions aren’t as prevalent. Rain-X® ClearView Summer Breeze windshield washer fluid contains less methanol to help reduce the amount of VOC emissions let into the air.

Why is my windshield washer fluid freezing on the windshield even though it is rated to a colder temperature?

When a car has been sitting in cold weather for several hours or driving at high speeds in very cold air, even the best windshield washer fluid can form an ice haze on the cold windshield.

When driving it is important to note that your windshield is being hit with colder temperatures than you are while standing still outside. While it may be -35°C outside, the wind chill may make it feel like -50°C on the windshield. Your windshield will likely face extreme temperatures, so it’s important to choose a windshield washer fluid that is designed to protect you from the lowest wind chill temperatures you experience in your area.

Before using your Rain-X® ClearView windshield washer fluid, we recommend warming the windshield by letting your car run with the heater on to help prevent ice accumulation or freezing. We also recommend keeping the windshield heated while driving on cold days.

What can I do to help prevent windshield washer fluid from freezing on the windshield, especially when driving?

When a car travels at highway speeds the wind chill factor can produce temperatures as low as -50°C on the windshield. Using properly formulated Rain-X® ClearView windshield washer fluids that have been manufactured and tested to ensure they meet the freeze protection specified can help to prevent freezing on your windshield.

Freezing can also occur if windshield washer fluid is diluted by ice or water on the windshield, or if summer windshield washer fluid is still in the reservoir. Always drain your summer washer fluid from the vehicle’s reservoir before adding winter windshield washer fluid. For best practices for removing windshield washer fluid, we recommend checking your vehicle’s manual.

If ice forms while driving, blast the defrosted and flood the windshield with windshield washer fluid until it melts. It is helpful to keep the defrosted on while driving so that as the windshield needs clearing there will be less if any, frost or ice on the windshield.

Let your car run for a minute or two to run the engine before driving. We recommend turning on the window defroster and fan on high to warm the windshield before spraying the windshield washer fluid. This will help reduce the freezing that occurs when spraying windshield washer fluid onto a cold windshield.

How does Rain-X® ClearView water repelling technology work?

Rain-X® ClearView windshield washer fluid has been formulated with a hydrophobic material. This material coats the windshield with a protective layer when applied, so as water contacts the surface it reduces its grip and results in water beads. These beads are easily repelled from the windshield and allow for greater visibility while driving.

How does Rain-X® ClearView Ice Breaker easy scrape technology work?

The Rain-X® ClearView Ice Breaker formula prevents ice from forming on your windshield at temperatures down to -20°C, while also offering a de-icer for situations where it is too cold for the easy scrape technology to work its best. Our research and development team worked for years to create a mixture of repelling and slipping agents that work together to loosen ice from your windshield, thus preventing ice buildup. This formula has also been designed to offer quality, clarity and visibility, so it won’t affect your vision while driving.

To work effectively, we recommend applying the Rain-X® ClearView Ice Breaker formula to your windshield the night before you know a storm or cold temperatures are on the horizon. Once the fluid is applied it will stay on your windshield, helping to prevent ice from building up. As you enter your car, simply use your wipers to remove the ice instead of your scraper.

What is Rain-X® ClearView Bio-Source made of?

Rain-X® ClearView Bio Source is made from corn ethanol, a renewable energy source.

How long is Rain-X®ClearView windshield washer fluid good for?

If kept unopened, Rain-X® ClearView is usable for at least two years.

Can I use Rain-X®ClearView windshield washer fluid to clean house windows?

Using Rain-X® ClearView windshield washer fluid to clean windows is outside of the intended use of the product. We recommend that it is only used for the purpose intended by the manufacturer. All Rain-X® ClearView windshield washer fluid should be used outdoors in a well-ventilated area.

Is Rain-X®ClearView toxic?

Most Rain-X® ClearView windshield washer fluids have methanol as one of the key ingredients, which is toxic in certain conditions. Rain-X® ClearView is not meant to be consumed or to contact the skin.

For more information, please read each product’s MSDS sheet.

What is the Rain-X® ClearView guarantee?

Rain-X® ClearView guarantees quality beading technology and low-temperature coverage based on each product’s individual freeze protection.

We also offer our satisfaction guarantee – we promise that our products will fight road grime like bugs, tar, tree sap, and bird droppings, repel rain, sleet, and snow, ease ice scraping, and melt ice quickly. For more information on our guarantee, please visit our Satisfaction Guarantee page.

Can Rain-X® ClearView windshield washer fluid be used in my car as coolant/antifreeze, or use coolant or antifreeze in my windshield washer reservoir?

Rain-X® ClearView cannot be used as coolant or antifreeze, nor can coolant/antifreeze be used on the windshield. Windshield washer fluid like Rain-X® ClearView is made from alcohol, whereas coolants are mainly glycerin-based. Using a coolant in a washer reservoir would impair visibility and provide no cleaning performance.

Does Rain-X® ClearView offer windshield wiper blades?

Rain-X® ClearView is Canada’s #1 windshield washer fluid with water-repelling technology that helps you see clearer and feel safer while driving. For more information on Rain-X wiper blades, glass cleaners or car care solutions, please visit